If you’re planning for a wedding in croatia, or are already linked to one, we have a lot to consider. From foodstuff to music, the day is stuffed with family traditions and traditions croatian brides that make it special for anyone present. Between those rituals are some specific ones that could be quite entertaining and fun just for guests to have part in (such sending away a few counterfeit brides before the real an individual makes her way out). Here’s another great example of a marriage tradition in croatia:

Riza is mostly a tradition contained in the Latin “riscare” or “to rejoice”. During the commemoration, all members of the family walk over the aisle positioning candles, symbolizing their role in guiding the bride and groom through their wedded life together. Later, the few throws rice on themselves to bring them good fortune. Friends can also take part in this wedding ceremony by throwing fanfare or cleaning soap bubbles https://www.marriage.com/advice/love/love-songs-for-him/ over the bride and groom.

This really is a great way to choose your wedding day a little bit more personal and memorable for your guests. In Croatia, you can have a little bundle of rosemary branches pinned to their garments on the left side as a symbol of welcome. Typically, these bundles are decorated with red-white-blue ribbons (a nod for the Croatian flag). Oftentimes, guests will keep a don in a basket after receiving all their rosemary corsages.

According to region, there are many ways to request a woman’s hand in marriage in Croatia. The soon-to-be husband may offer a price, perform a number of pushups to show his physical durability, or sing a melody extolling beauty of the woman. If the bride accepts the proposal, she need to then present an obiljezje to her friends and family to thank all of them for accepting her.


The reception is a grand affair, commonly featuring a banquet-style meal and a lot of dancing. Want to know the best part about this section of the wedding is the fact it generally lasts right up until sunrise! Sooner or later during the night, a lot of people head house, while a group of cars, with a 30+ vehicles in a row, devices down the road honking and remembering with the couple.

Following the church formal procedure, the few is greeted with a type of family and friends, often having a barjaktar (a man waving a Croatian flag) leading the way. A band will play for the crowd as they remember and toasted bread with rakija.

Friends will then eat a traditional dinner of goulash or sarma (rolled cabbage full of mince and rice) and some areas, fish soups with coffee. During the course of overnight time, guests will also offer their presents to the few. Mostly, this will take the form of money and is an amazing gesture for the purpose of the few to receive after they’ve a new long day and night of festivities!